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March 27, 20222 minute read
Kirill Zinov

While designing the licensing model for our database schema migration tool, we tried to accommodate the needs of all potential users. Starting from individual developers, and ending with development teams that are a part of large companies.

Individuals and small teams

An individual developer does everything on his own, from initial database design to implementing a ready-to-run application in the code, including further support and possible modifications. Probably, its development cycle is more extended in time. For such cases, we came up with Schema Guard auto-renewable free licenses.

The only limitation for the auto-renewable and completely free license is "local names" in the database connection. That is, you can use Schema Guard for free and for unlimited amount of time as long as you are connecting to the local database:

  • The hostname points to the locally installed PostgreSQL: localhost or a local IP address.
  • The database name is the same as the name of the current system user, or is equal to "postgres".

Mid-size teams and Enterprises

In a large team, tasks are usually shared between several professionals. Some are good at writing application code, others are masters of backend development or are specializing in designing the most optimal database schema for a lightning-speed performance.

Nowadays, even two-men team members can work from different geographic locations. Also, a team project may have a more complex structure compared to a one-man application, so the limitation to local-only database connections may become uncomfortable.

For such cases, we provide a 30 days trial license.

Next step

When the free limited license is no longer enough for you, or your trial period has expired, we suggest purchasing a paid license. Here, we also have done our best to stay as flexible as possible and provide competitive prices.

We've combined the pay-what-you-want approach with unlimited use in the paid license. You can buy the number of database connections you need, thereby optimizing your costs, or buy an unlimited license. Please refer to Schema Guard licensing for details.

We sincerely hope that your projects will be successful. In the next news, we'll announce our solution to turn a regular PostgreSQL database into a scalable high-availability cluster. This project's code name is - YaXAHA Cluster.

Kirill Zinov
CIO / Principal Software Engineer